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Outline three factors that might explain western society’s attitude to death and dying free essay sample

The absence of transparency and conversation about death and passing on has antagonistic results: People might be superfluously terrified about the way toward kicking the bucket; Close family members of individuals who are moving toward the finish of life might be unconscious of their desires and in this manner how best to help and bolster them. This is especially significant for the individuals who may lose the ability to settle on their own choices; Inappropriate intercessions might be attempted if those thinking about somebody don't know about the person’s treatment inclinations, including advance choices to reject treatment; People who might have wanted their organs to be utilized for transplantation might not have examined this with family members who need to settle on choices after their passing; People might not have talked about burial service wishes with their family members; People may bite the dust without composing a will; Same sex accomplices might not have announced their status, with the outcome that experts may reject them from association in their partner’s care; Fear of the obscure implies that individuals now and then will in general dodge the individuals who are sick inspired by a paranoid fear of ‘upsetting them’ or ‘making them worse’; Lack of open and expert conversation about death and kicking the bucket might be one reason why this zone has verifiably been given low need by wellbeing and social consideration administrations; People, including clinical staff, are oblivious of the potential alternatives that could improve personal satisfaction and reestablish autonomy; Lack of information on the monetary ramifications for the dispossessed after a passing and what should be set up in front of the occasion; and Lack of open and expert conversation about sadness and misfortune, which brings about the confinement of the deprived. We will compose a custom exposition test on Diagram three factors that may disclose western society’s disposition to death and kicking the bucket or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page National and neighborhood activity to advance open mindfulness and change mentalities about death and kicking the bucket 2. 5 This methodology sets out the government’s expectation to focus on end of life care. In any case, government activity alone can't change mentalities towards death and kicking the bucket, nor bring issues to light of the issues in question. 2. 6 The overall population, experts, free gatherings, deliberate area and legal associations should cooperate in organization to convey improved attention to the issues engaged with end of life care and to change perspectives. This will require coordinated activity and progress won't be made for the time being.

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Globalisation and Changing Technology for Culture - myassignmenthelp

Question: Distinguish how globalization and changing innovation have affected the manner in which supervisors plan, sort out, lead and control. Answer: Presentation One of the most notable highlights of new thousand years is rapid globalization with quick headway in data innovation. Despite the fact that the idea of globalization is deciphered contrastingly by various analysts, the most huge influence it has is on the zones identified with economy, culture and innovation. Globalization has made a requirement for supervisors of the organization to think about vital procedures by executing advancements into their administration so as to increase upper hand in neighborhood and worldwide markets. Very much prepared and proficient administration is requested to move toward business sectors to force a refined thickness of the associations relationship with numerous universal markets. So as to expand generally benefits for the firm, directors independent of various societies and nations need to shape together as per current pattern of globalization(NYAKOA, 2013). Primary body Effects of Technology process Globalization and changing innovation impactsly affects supervisors of associations. When contrasted with before, progressively strategic, talented and associated directors are required those can settle on choices by pleasing present hierarchical organizations. The market rivalry and vulnerability have expanded extensively while requesting higher caliber of items and administrations. The companys are getting progressively differentiated in nature and subsequently remaining task at hand is expanded. Along these lines makes important to receive less complex methods of record support that is conceivable just by actualizing advancements. Essential administrative capacities may get upset by expanded obligation through globalization and authoritative remaining burdens relating dynamic, arranging, control and synchronization(Golson, 1977). Innovative change can give positive changes by diminishing physical worry of workers and give improved results in since quite a while ago run. The key arranging and sorting out requires a mechanical change that can assess future suspicions with the goal that power to confront them gets simpler for the administration of the organizations. To expand the proficiency in the firm, changing innovation can altogether add to hierarchical achievement. Directors must perceive the requirement for globalization and any disappointment in perceiving the clients need and pattern can bring about negative result. By actualizing innovation, the speed the work is expanded and both profitability and execution gets upgraded. Quicker help disposes of the clients to sit tight for any assistance and at the same time decreases the expense of work. Since the innovation has a more extensive degree for keeping up records and accounting in efficient way without connecting bunches of time, it is been embraced by numerous associations. New programming projects those are accessible in the market performs different undertakings like dispatching, planning, work request, support plans, keeping up accounting, etc.(Capterra, 2017) Bar coding and QR coding are additionally one of the significant innovation generally utilized in associations to keep up the records of staff participation in enormous workplaces and items subtleties in stockrooms. All these innovation not just gives an effective method of record upkeep yet additionally diminishes the general expenses of overseeing. Improved Communication Process With globalization of associations, the need to create imparting strategies has expanded to make the chiefs get to its branches and customer base spread internationally. E-Services assumes a significant job in giving an extent of globalized organizations similarly as with the assistance of web and media communications, the geological hindrances between associations is disposed of through correspondence. Prior gathering demonstrated costly for the organizations as individuals related needed to make goes for the organization. With the presentation of video conferencing, the critical time is been spared and helps in improving connections through responsive correspondences in cost reductive way(Wasielewski, 2014). Video chat demonstrates powerful method of correspondence where virtual prerequisite isn't fundamental. These days it has become a coordinated piece everything being equal and can't be disposed of as ordinary conversations and discussions inside divisions or buyer related admin istrations are made with video chats. New advances are improved forms that can trade messages with every substance in a more noteworthy measure of crowds. Analysts recommends that utilizing new advancements like remotely coordinating can give quicker interchanges as one and all gets same informations in cost viable method(Lane). Email is additionally a powerful method of innovative correspondences wherein records are made, erased and spared. The greater part of the administrators utilize this innovation to track archives that can be held and composed by the assigned organizer or organization details. Companys these days doesn't have confidence in putting away informations in conventional assistant records as they are inclined to harms and furthermore requires space(Walton, 2017). In this manner to record informations and reports electronically. Directors embrace different virtual products which can be connected with messages and can empower them to document every single applicable datum in electronic recording process. Upheld up information can be saved and discovered rapidly at the hour of crises. Numerous administrative arrangements additionally direct organizations to oversee messages for operational security and moral code of conducts(Rockefeller Archive Center, 2006).Thus administrators require increasi ng sufficient information about new advancements or, more than likely may cost organizations fines and wastage of time. The imaginative innovations additionally help in expanding the work execution inside the association. By following errands assigned and mange everyday work carefully, the expense of investigating physically gets decreased. Since this is additionally an unprejudiced method of checking, the spirit of workers isn't hampered. Administering and controlling laborers make them committed to work more and thus by and large profitability is expanded. Then again if innovation is actualized, the work speed is expanded alongside giving ideal answers for any computations or records of the organization. Consequently work execution is additionally enhanced(Mouawad, 2015). End In the wake of contemplating various parts of mechanical expansion in globalized association, it very well may be legitimately said that todays business world can't continue without it as innovation has become a significant and incorporated piece of associations. With the presentation of new advances, the pattern of their execution will likewise proceed in unsurprising future. Chiefs who follow customary ways must comprehend technologys values and receive it in positive and arranged manner(Golson, 1977). Innovation expands efficiency or execution as well as reinforces relationship with clients and among workers of associations. While procuring another innovation, it must line up with the prerequisite of the firm and guarantee its similarity between anticipated innovation and extreme objective of the firm. In conclusion it tends to be said that innovation must be actualized with legitimate methodological help alongside giving adequate time to laborers and supervisors at first to show signs of improvement outcomes(NYAKOA, 2013). References Capterra. (2017). Upkeep Management Software. Recovered from the board programming/ Golson, J. P. (1977). The effect of innovative change on association the board. Recovered from Path, C. (n.d.). The Distance Learning Technology Resource Guide: Teleconferencing. Recovered from Mouawad, F. (2015). 5 Ways Technology Can Improve Productivity at Work. Recovered from can-improve-efficiency at-work/ NYAKOA, O. M. (2013). THE EFFECT OF Globalization ON STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AT ERNST YOUNG (EY), KENYA. Recovered from Rockefeller Archive Center. (2006). Email GUIDELINES For Managers and Employees. Recovered from Walton, A. (2017). The Importance of Accounting Software. Recovered from bookkeeping programming 71524.html Wasielewski, J. (2014). How Videoconferencing Helps Business Communication. Recovered from

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The Question Mark Its Many Uses

The Question Mark Its Many Uses We all ask myriad questions each and every day. This is how we gather information, make assessments, and decide what moves to make next. The question mark, also known as the eroteme or interrogation point, is how we set a question apart from other types of statements in writing. However, the question mark is not a one-trick pony in the punctuation world. It has a fuzzy history and many uses that help English speakers communicate in very specific ways.The history of the question markThe question marks history is full of fun stories that try to explain its curved nature. One story attributes the question marks shape to a cats tail. Such a cat would be an inquisitive one, wanting to know the answers to everything in its feline life. Some say that this questioning cat lived in ancient Egypt, where cats were often worshipped and preserved in artwork. Unfortunately, this idea has no basis in facts.Another story that tries to explain the shape of the curvy punctuation mark takes us back to the Middle Ages. The story goes that scholars during that time would write the Latin quaestio at the end of a sentence to tell readers that the sentence was a question. Over time, the process was shortened bit by bit until only the q and the o remained, with the q being written over the o. As you can imagine, a further reduction of those letters can give the appearance of the question mark we see today. Once again, however, there really is no solid evidence to back up this story.The real story is that in the Middle Ages punctuation used dots at different levels to show various uses in the sentence. One scholar, Alcuin of York, realized that the limitations of this system needed to be addressed and updated. He created what was called the point of interrogation. He used a symbol similar to a tilde above a dot to represent the rise in tone the speaker would use if he or she were speaking the sentence out loud. Despite its use as an exclamation mark as well, the point of interrogation w as kept around until the 17th century, when its form and specific use in question statements evolved.Various uses of the question markYou would think that a question mark would be used only one wayâ€"at the end of a sentence that is asking a question. Well, the question mark is used for more than just that! In fact, there are quite a few ways that this mark can be used, both formal and informal.Basic interrogativesFirst, the most widely known use of the question mark is in a basic interrogative sentence:Why did the chicken cross the road?How did you make that cake?This usage basically indicates that the person asking the question wants to know a specific piece of information that he or she doesnt already know. The reader knows this because of the phraseology and the curved punctuation mark at the endâ€"the question mark.Statements as questionsSecond, which is associated with the first use, is turning a statement into a question. Basically, the person asking the question is assuming or hoping for a specific answer in response. These types of questions are asked when the speaker already knows the information, but she is just confirming it.He didnt actually say that, did he?Youre going to finish this project by tonight, right?The examples above demonstrate that the question posed is essentially a confirmation of the information, as opposed to the first use where the speaker doesnt have the information at all.ConfirmationsThird, some statements are presented with a simple word or phrase at the end that is requesting confirmation from the listener. This type of word or phrase is called a question tag. When these endings are spoken out loud, the speakers vocal tone is raisedâ€"a trait that the question mark helps portray in writing. Say, for example, you tell someone to leave you a message while simultaneously wanting them to confirm that he understands your request:Just leave me a message, ok?Feed the cat in the morning and the evening, got it?The part of the sente nce before the comma could be a statement on its own. Just leave me a message. There is no question mark. But, if a confirmation from the listener is desired, it can become a question simply by adding ok? at the end. Pretty cool!Questions as part of a statementFourth, in narrative writing sometimes a question is posed as part of a statement.She wondered, how could she put herself in this situation again?Why would they have this meeting without me? the boss wondered.While some authors keep these kinds of statements as just statements, others want to emphasize that the character is thinking something. To do that, they format the statements as in the examples above to set the questions apart from the statement as a whole. This literary tactic can be useful in keeping the reader immersed in the characters mind set or in the situation being presented. This usage is not often used in formal writing, however. There generally isnt much use for this format outside of narrative writing.Series of questionsFifth, similar to the fourth use, a question mark can be used to separate questions in a series that are not expanded into complete sentences on their own.We were trying to decide where to run. Through the narrow streets? Straight home? Generally south?There are many investment options we need to consider. Stocks? Bonds? Real estate?This particular format can be used in either formal or informal writing, but it isnt used very often in formal writing.Uncertain informationSixth, a question mark can be used to identify areas in text where there is unknown or uncertain information. The question mark is often used in this manner in historical texts and references. Some nonfiction narratives will even employ this to ensure they are not making assumptions seem as facts in the text.Guillerme Babin, 1510 (?) â€" 1582, was a farmer in the French Trébrivan area.Upon their arrival in 1764 (?), the settlers discovered remains from previous inhabitants.This usage is a good way for w riters to show that they are somewhat sure of the dates, but that there could be some discrepancies.How to use a question markStyle guides often have their own requirements for punctuation. With a question mark, however, the requirements are somewhat standard across all styles. The format of using a question mark in English is simple when its used in a plain question sentence. Just pose the question and add the question mark at the end of it.Where are you going?What did you buy at the store?Things get a bit more complicated, however, when there are other punctuation marks in the vicinity of the question mark. For example, if the writer is quoting someone who is asking a question, where does the question mark go? Does it go inside or outside the quotation marks? It gets even trickier, though. What if quotation marks are used for emphasis around a phrase or a word that is not a quote from a character or a source? Here are a few examples to help.Dialogue quotesâ€"inside the quotation m arksWhat time do you want to meet? she asked.When he returned, he asked, How long was I gone?Emphasis quotation marksâ€"outside the quotation marksHow did the researcher collect data for the parameters Lunch and Dinner?Does the database table have a field for price?Notice in the dialogue examples that there was no comma added after the question mark or the closing quotation mark. This style convention is different from dialogue quotations that are statements. With a statement, a comma is used alone just before the ending quotation mark, as in the following example:We should meet at your place, she said.However, there is one additional case for the emphasis example. In the examples above, the question mark applied to the entire sentence. That is why the question mark was placed outside the quotation mark. When the sentence is not an interrogative, but the text placed inside the quotation marks is, then the question mark goes inside the quotation marks and no other ending punctuation is required.I dont believe it is effective to have an attitude of what about me?Parentheses are other punctuation used with the question mark that might confuse writers. The rules for this type of usage are pretty straightforward. If the statement inside the parentheses is a complete sentence, then put the question mark inside the ending parenthesis and add other ending punctuation at the end of the main sentence.I took the wrong road (Why didnt I look at the map?) and ended up lost.She ran up the stairs in her heels (Couldnt she have just taken them off?).On the other hand, if the statement inside the parentheses is not a complete sentence, then the question mark goes outside the closing parenthesis. Why did you put that in the report (maybe a bit superfluous)?Why did she go to the market even though she didnt have a shopping list (as far as I know, anyway)?Other formatting styles to keep in mind with question marks are italicizing and underlining. When a question is italicized or underlined for emphasis, then the question mark should have the same formatting as the text it corresponds to. Following the guidelines for quotation marks above, if the question mark follows an italicized question, then it also is italicized. If it is not directly associated with the italicized text, then it is not italicized (a font not italicized is also called roman font).Why wasnt she made manager? (italicized question mark)Werent parameters included for page count and binding type? (roman question mark)Other languagesWhile English is the most familiar, other languages use the question mark in a similar way as well. These languages include German, French, Spanish, and computing languages.GermanHallo, wie geht es Ihnen? (formal: Hello, how are you?)FrenchOù allez-vous ? (Where are you going?)Notice that there is an extra space before the punctuation mark in the French sentence.SpanishDue to the nature of its grammatical structure, Spanish also includes an upside-down question m ark to tell the reader immediately that the sentence is a question. This usage is recent, however, and started around the mid-1700s. ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)ComputingIn HTML, question marks have a specific code designation instead of being written just as a question mark. Sometimes the question mark is used as what is called a wildcard character. A wildcard is a character that can be used in place of any one character.

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Christmas Weather Lore

Weather lore exists for nearly every season and every type of weather, but many of the most well-known sayings have to do with winter weather.   Besides hoping for a White Christmas, theres another reason youll want to keep a watchful eye on your Christmas Day forecast. According to weather folklore, the weather on Christmas foretells the weather for the remaining winter and upcoming year.   Based on the below sayings, what does your Christmas Day weather suggest? Stormy Christmas Weather   - If theres thunder during Christmas week,The Winter will be anything but meek. - If windy on Christmas, trees will bring much fruit. - If it rain much during the twelve days after Christmas Day it will be a wet year. A Mild Christmas Means Cold Will Come   - A green (warm) Christmas, a white (cold) Easter. - So far as the sun shines on Christmas Day,So far will the snow blow in May. - If the ice will bear a goose before Christmas, it will not bear a duck after. - If Christmas day be bright and clear, therell be two winters in the year.. The below proverbs could be used to forecast whether or not youll see a White Christmas based on the weather at Hollantide -- a Cornish feast traditionally celebrated at the end of October/first of November  which marked the eve of winter. - If ducks do slide at Hollantide,At Christmas they will swim.If ducks do swim at Hollantide,At Christmas they will slide. - If Candlemas day be dry and fair,The half of the winter is gone and mair.If Candlemas day be wet and foul,The half of the winter is gone at Yule (Christmas). The following sayings have less to do with the weather on Christmas and more to do with what calendar day Christmas falls on:   - If Christmas Day on Thursday be,A windy winter ye shall see. - It will be the same weather for nine weeks as it is on the ninth day after Christmas. - The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the Winter. Christmas Lore: Where Does It Come From?   Why are these particular Christmas weather scenarios linked to these weather occurrences? Long before there was such a thing as  meteorologists  or tools like barometers or thermometers, farmers, seafarers, and others whose daily work was tied to the weather had nothing to clue them in on what the days weather would bring. To remedy this, people began observing how animals, plants, insects, and even they themselves behaved just before certain weather events. After years and years of noticing these patterns, folks began expecting certain weather based on whether or not they observed these certain events in nature.  They then created rhymes (like those above) to make the connections easily remembered and shared. How many of the above pieces of lore have you heard before? Have you known any of them to ring true where you live?

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Legal Forms of Business - 1082 Words

Legal Forms of Business: Week 2 Legal Forms of Business In business, the first decision that is made is usually the most difficult. When making business decisions, the owner must decide what types of business organization is the best for the company. There are seven forms of business that will be discussed as well as scenarios in which each of these forms of business would be the preferred form. This paper will also justify why the corresponding business form is preferred. The forms that will be discussed are: sole proprietorship, partner, limited liability partnership, Limited Liability Company, S corporation, franchise, and corporate form. Sole Proprietorship A Sole Proprietor is someone who owns a business by†¦show more content†¦S corporation status provides many of the benefits of partnership taxation and at the same time gives the owners limited liability protection from creditors. Scenario: A company that is taxed as a corporation, has more than 100 shareholders, and has one class of stock, cl assifies the company as an S Corporation. Franchise A franchise is a right granted to an individual or group to market a company s goods or services within a certain territory or location. There are companies that fall up under the franchise umbrella such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut. Many people think of restaurants or fast food businesses when they think of franchise. There are over 120 different types of franchise that consist of automotive, health and fitness, financial services, and cleaning and maintenance, just to name a few. Scenario: A person is interested in starting a business and would like to own a Taco Bell. The best form to use is the franchise. This would require the owner to buy into the franchise. Corporate The Corporation form is used to solve the typical problems of the partnership. Incorporating allows a group of owners to act as one. This is similar to the way a partnership is operated as well. Since a corporation is a separate legal en tity capable of being sued, it can protect its owners by absorbing the liability if something goes wrong. In a corporation, the owner is allowed to hireShow MoreRelatedLegal Forms of Business1415 Words   |  6 PagesLegal forms of Business The process of starting a business can be a challenging one. From choosing a business name, identifying the product to sell and where all require thoughtful decisions. All these decisions also need legal and practical considerations. To understand more about the different forms of business, it is important to consider the right structure for the business (Legal Forms, 2006). Sole Proprietorship A sole proprietorship simply means a business with one owner. With many formsRead MoreThe Legal Forms Of Business997 Words   |  4 Pagesit can be said as they are in partnership type of business. The legal forms of the business are named UNINCORPORATED AND INCORPORATED FORMS AS: 1. Unincorporated form a. sole trader b. partnership c. trust d. franchise 2. Incorporated forms a. incorporated not for profit associations b. cooperatives (non-profit or business) c. company/corporation (registered under the corporation’s act 2001) The partnership is an unincorporated form of business as they are not incorporated under the corporations’Read MoreThe Legal Forms Of Business1329 Words   |  6 Pagesof all, there are three legal forms of business, which consist of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. People can run a business in these three types of ways, which in some ways each type of business has its benefits and has its losses. Also, setting up a business needs to be planned out, and have expectations on how the business needs to run. People can’t just go out and start a business without having any plans. If a person did that, then that business would not last long at allRead MoreThe Legal Forms Of Business2782 Words   |  12 Pages Final Paper: Legal Forms of Business Samantha Simpfenderfer Cazenovia College â€Æ' When developing and establishing a business, a business owner must first consider what type of legal business that they would like to create and own. In the United States, businesses that vary in form are recognized and represented in court in varying ways. In some forms of business, the personal assets of the business owner are not protected, where in others, a business owner could never risk losing assetsRead MoreLegal Forms of Business Paper938 Words   |  4 PagesLegal Forms of Business Paper Law/531 June 3rd, 2011 University of Phoenix Legal Forms of Business Paper Selecting the best form of operating a business depends on the type of business the owner wants to run. The owners have to pick the structure that best meets their needs. â€Å"The selection depends on many factors, including the ease and cost of formation, the capital requirements of the business, the flexibility of management decisions, government restrictions, personal liability, taxRead MoreLegal Forms of Business Paper1131 Words   |  5 Pageshead: LEGAL FORMS OF BUSINESS PAPER Alumina and BP Scenario Collaborative Analysis University of Phoenix Pedro E. Grave de Peralta LAW531-Business Law Ken Marc July 28, 2012 This paper will be discussed, as well as explaining sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, Limited Liability Company, S corporation, franchise, and corporate form found thisRead MoreEssay on Legal Forms of Business939 Words   |  4 Pagesperson has an innovative plan to start a business. It begins with an idea but what should they do afterwards. If someone wants to start a business they must ask themselves several questions. What is the size of the business? What level of control do they want to have? What are the business risk and vulnerabilities? What are the initial startup expenses? All of these questions will help them decide which legal form of business they should choose. As a legal form can have significant implications forRead MoreTypes Of Legal Forms Of A Business1218 Words   |  5 PagesMaking business needs to adapt some legal form so that the corporate can operate the state legally, but it is not easy to know the right title that commerc ial need to carry for that reason must search all the forms and choose the right one that can progress future benefit. So, there are several legal forms that would need to be adopted for many reasons as a going to build a corporate, and it is important to know what we need to sell and the size of the operating company. The company must know whatRead MoreDifferent Legal Forms Of Business Combinations1039 Words   |  5 Pagesseveral different legal forms of business combinations. These forms include a merger, an acquisition, or a hostile takeover. When a merger takes place, two company’s combine to either form a new corporation, or amalgamate into one of the two old companies. These mergers can be either friendly or unfriendly in nature. When an amicable merger occurs, both the acquiring and acquired companies’ board of directors and executives work together to create terms for combining the new business. These terms areRead MoreLegal Forms of Business in Sri Lanka4360 Words   |  18 PagesIntroduction A business also called a company, enterprise or firm is a legally recognized organization, designed to provide goods and services to consumers. According to the purpose of the business, ownership of the business and nature of economic contribution of the business; the business can fall into one of the three standard sectors. There are; private sector, public sector and nonprofit sector. The part of the economy concerned with providing basic government services is called public

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The Strength in Challenges Free Essays

The Strength in Challenges My ability to overcome difficulties throughout my life is by far my greatest strength. I have gone through more hardships than the average teen. Each time has forced me to look inside myself, and find the strength to rise up again. We will write a custom essay sample on The Strength in Challenges or any similar topic only for you Order Now I’ve never resented anything that has come my way because each hardship has placed a brick on what is the base of my character today. Back in fifth grade my house had caught fire. It was one of the scariest things in my life. As a fifth grader, dolls and going outside to play soccer were the things I held most sacred. This one event changed my entire outlook on life and showed me what was truly important in my life: my family. When I moved into a hotel for months it made me realize, trivial things like clothes and toys aren’t what makes a home your home it’s the people that are with you through it all. Also, the enormous support we got from the community helped me understand the true meaning of giving. Although this happened to me at a young age, the lessons still ring true today. I never wanted anyone to feel like they were alone and helpless, so every time an opportunity presents itself I feel the need to help. Whenever faced with a difficult decision or see someone in need I look back on this and it reminds me to place myself in their shoes and do whatever I can to help. Being pelted with a ball and getting the wind knocked out of you could be compared to the feeling I got when my mom told me she had terminal cancer. I knew the air was touching my lips, but I couldn’t suck it in. The pain in my chest was so great I had to crouch. Drops from my eyes pooled on the ground and my ears only heard buzzing rather than words. After a while the tears stopped, and I was left in my mom’s arms trying to process all of it. It’s been a year and I am still processing all of it. Each day I wake up not knowing how long my mom has left, and yet each day my mom wakes up fighting for another day which keeps me going. I’ve never had an obstacle as great as this, but it doesn’t stop me from reaching for my dreams. I am part of the first generation in my family to attend a four-year college, and my mom inspires me everyday. Although things may seem almost impossible, if you work hard enough and put forth your best effort, impossible is possible. Throughout my life I’ve been presented with many challenges; however, I never let them control my destiny. I now embrace each one as it comes because I’ve found that the harder I’ve worked to overcome something, it has always left me a better person than before. And with each new challenge, I become better at conquering the next. How to cite The Strength in Challenges, Papers

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The Discovery Of The New World And The Columbian Exchange Essay Example For Students

The Discovery Of The New World And The Columbian Exchange Essay Entry 1 In chapter one of the study book by Foner Eric, we learned about the discovery of the New World and the Columbian exchange. Some of the notable first Americans who settled in the newly discovered land included Indians, mound builders who resided along the Missisipi River, western Indians and those who lived in the eastern north America. It is also crucial to mention that the New World was robust with activities such as construction work. It is most likely the early inhabitants of America shaped the land and reputation of this region as we know it today. Civilization through religion also played a vital role in advancing the ideals of the American society. We will write a custom essay on The Discovery Of The New World And The Columbian Exchange specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now For example, the Native American religion was the centre piece that fast-tracked social activities like hunting and farming. Entry 2 The second topic reveals a lot about events at Jamestown. Between 1607 and 1660, the New World and England were at close interaction with each other. At the same time, the religious conflicts that reigned during 16th century were a major source of conflict that destabilized England. Nonetheless, it is surprising that the conflict did not turn down the rapid integration and growth of civilization between 1607 and 1660. While England sought to interact with both North America and Ireland, its mission was to subdue the emerging states and probably declare itself as the watchdog and dominant force to reckon with in both Europe and North America. These were vivid motives for colonization. In spite of the conflicts emanating from religion, England and the New World continued to build strong ties. Entry 3 Immigration was a vital undertaking bearing in mind that human habitation of the new land was needed. Initially, Englishmen wanted to ventur. .t historians referred to as the Great Awakening. Entry 10 From 1820, rapid reforms in various sectors of the American economy began in earnest. Perhaps, one would wonder why reforms were necessary in a nation that had gone through so much transformations and tribulations. As expected, the era of reform came as an impulse since it was hardly anticipated. Utopian communities were used in the reform policy. The long-founded Mormons Trek was also instrumental during this time. We may not also ignore the terse relationship between religion and reform in the new age in America. After the Second Great Awakening, religious revivalism became a reality. Perfectionism was thereafter perfected by these religious enthusiasts and pundits. This stretched further into campaigns against slavery and slave trade that were still being practiced in the ‘civilized’ American society.